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this ring is meant to be a symbol of hope on the horizon: as we wait, as we grieve, as we anticipate the gift of life that we so long for no matter how empty we feel.


To the heart longing to be a mama or to the mama heart that has experienced great loss and grief: 

A note from Anna:

I sat here, today, watching these three wrestle and play in the sunshine as I held close our third little boy safety in my tummy. My heart was overwhelmed in this moment with gratefulness, with the gifts that I have before me and within my womb, and with the LIFE that oozes out of every moment shared in our home. Simultaneously, I couldn’t help but feel and relive the absolute void, the brokenness, the plague of longing and desire deep within my soul just four short years ago. The daily longing for life in my womb, the absolute awareness of life springing up from within everyone around me, and the defining purposeless that I felt within my body and mind as I housed the desire of being a mama with seemingly no way to make that happen.

I was hurting for well over a year as I longed for a gift that I knew was good, righteous, and precious. A gift that we could even feel “called” to desire but no matter what I tried, it felt like it would never happen.

To the heart longing to be a mama and feeling like life is springing up everywhere but within you -

Hold fast to the promises of the Lord. He is the giver of all good things and the giver of LIFE.

Oh the favor that my Aslan has walked in, undoubtedly, because we prayed and longed for him for so long. Waiting is not stagnant; waiting is a call to ACTION. The waiting gave me so much trust, so much delight, and so much deeper of an understanding of what it meant to be a mommy to these little ones.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s ok to get mad. It’s ok to feel depleted. It’s ok to be angry and struggle through the day to day. BUT. Take those honest feelings and submit them, even when you don’t want to. Beg for the Lord to grant peace.

You are not alone.