DIY Kits by Mora Approved - Craft, Kintsugi & Pottery - DIY Pottery Kit - Clay Kit - Air Dry Clay

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Introducing our new DIY Pottery Kit! 🍶🌿🌸 With this started set kit, there is enough air dry clay for 2 projects, so is ideal for solo or together activities! What is included? ✿ Premium Air Dry Clay (500 g) ✿ Illustrated Instructions ✿ Sponge ✿ Potters Rib ✿ Steel Scrapper ✿ Wood Tool ✿ Needle Tool ✿ Ribbon Tool ( For extra creativity you may have!) ✿ 3 units of Real Pressed Flower Product Information: ✿On this kit we supply instructions for two types of projects: Small Bowl &/or Small Vase, they are beginners and easy projects to follow. ✿ After finishing the sculpt you will have to wait 3-4 days for the clay to be completely dry and its ready! ✿ We a use a European Non Toxic Air Dry clay, but please keep in mind is NOT food safe or waterproof.